Best PICK UP Lines – CRAZY Kiss-Close in Public

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In this video, you will learn some of the best pick up lines that you can use with confidence when approaching women in order to maximize your chances of a successful approach.

The interaction in this episode is based on a real life example of an approach that takes place outside a coffee shop, and is successfully executed by one of our students. In this episode, you will also learn how to get a kiss and how to get a girls number, as this interaction ends with our student getting both a kiss close and a number close.

06:50 How to kiss a girl you have met for the first time using ‘Kiss on the Cheek’ trick.

07:16 See how to ask a girl out, even though you only just met.

07:46 How to get a girl’s number.

After watching this video, you should have a better understanding of how to pick up girls, how to talk to girls, or how to flirt. We encourage you to continue your education process, so that ultimately you will be able to succeed in picking up girls that you like effortlessly.

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With practice it will become second nature, and clever pick up lines that work will just be popping up out of nowhere. Also, you will be able to build upon these snappy chat up lines and develop or transform any encounter into a meaningful interaction.

At Proven Attraction, our main focus is to help men develop the necessary skills to be successful with women.

If your aim is to have a relationship, find love, romance, or simply to enter a dating scene as a triumphant daygame / nightgame pick up artist (pua), you will certainly benefit from our expertise, where we provide full multiplicity of suggestions and best dating tips.

Even if you are already in a relationship and do not need to learn how to get a girlfriend, or how to pick up girls, you will dramatically improve your current level of understanding of how attraction works, as we provide a multitude of great relationship tips for men.
Through our coaching and training, you will acquire highly effective methods on how to attract, impress, flirt, seduce, talk to women and much more.

It is simply not enough to learn one method or technique, e.g. flirting, and expect great results. The dating skills spectrum is much broader than this. The key is to have an array of skills that make up a complete picture.

By watching this one video episode, you can certainly pick up one trait or two in the art of attraction. However, if you are trying to find the best relationship and dating advice that cover it all, we strongly recommend you watch all Proven Attraction videos on our YouTube channel:

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