How To Keep Relationships Exciting, Strong and Long Lasting!

How to keep Relationships Exciting, Strong and Long Lasting!

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I have recently uploaded a relationship advice video, as well as channel update video where I discuss relationship advice as well as announcing my new youtube series, “Dear Jordan”. Dear Jordan will be about subscribers, viewers, followers on social media, etc, asking me for advice or help, and I will help them, as well as make generalized advice videos. To start off the series, I decided to give everyone advice about I know with relationships, they can sometimes go south, as far as trying to maintain that spark & excitement that the relationship once had. This was a common question I was receiving on my videos, email, dm’s, so I decided to make a video about how to keep relationships exciting as well as have them prosper. With being in a relationship for over two years, I understand why maintaining a strong, long lasting, relationship is important. It’s what helps hold the relationship through the good and bad times. It reminds us how we first came together with our significant other as well as where we are going in the future. In this video, I list 8 helpful tips that have helped me maintain excitement, spark and longevity in my relationship, and I promise you to do the same. Relationships take a lot of work, patience, and dedication just like every other great thing in life. It’s a process and it takes two people to make it work. This video is going to help ease the process of maintaining your relationship, as well breeding a new life and excitement for you and your significant other as well.

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