The Sober Girls Guide to Finding True Love: Practical relationship advice for women

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I see you over there, working your ass off to get healthy. Everyone tells you that you shouldn’t be interested in relationships. In fact, that should be the last thing on your mind. But it’s not. You feel alone and you’re tired of being alone. You know that feeling alone is part of the reason you use in the first place.but, when youre in a relationship, you either lose yourself totally, even getting obsessed. Or you keep so much distance out of fear that you never let anyone get too close to all feels so black and white. Your relationships are either awesome or horrific. Nothing in between. You feel like no one really understands you. You have a hard time opening up in relationships. You keep most everything to yourself. It takes you awhile to trust people. You kind of feel like everyone is full of also dont know how to need without coming off as too needy. You attract guys, but when you get close t them, usually after you sleep with them, you find out they’re jerks.or you are with a man and he doesnt support you.he says things like, i want the old you back. But you and I both know the old you is what led you to drugs and alcohol in the first place. You want to be you2.0.maybe youve caused a lot of damage in your relationship. You cheated, or left the “good guy and now youre wondering if its too late for you and you missed your chance at true love.or, maybe youre in a relationship left to wonder if theres too much water under the bridge.or maybe you are wanting to learn all you can so that you dont keep repeating old patterns. You want love. But, once you open up, you find that you get hurt again! He leave you or cheats on you and you get blindsided. So you put up more walls. Pushing people away.perhaps you convince yourself that it’s better to be alone. But ending up alone is your biggest fear. You need to figure this out. And you have to do it now.what’s the point of getting sober?in my opinion, the point of getting sober is to live an amazing, fulfilling, extraordinary life and a big part of living that life includes experiencing love on the deepest level possible.youre here to connect. Youre here to love and be loved and if you have been suffering from addiction, its a lot more than likely that relationships have been a source of pain for you for quite some time